iPhone 4

Rhythmbox Remote for the iPhone/iTouch or Android

This project is a skin for Rhythmweb, created by Pablo Carranza .

Rhythmweb lets you control Rhythmbox remotely, from any web browser. It is not an Internet radio server - it does not play music in your web browser, rather it lets you control Rhythmbox, a popular Linux music client, on a machine other than the one it is running on.

Installation on Rhythmbox

To install, unzip and copy the 'rhythmweb' directory to
~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins, start Rhythmbox, go to the Edit > Plugins... menu and check the Enabled checkbox for Rhythmweb.

Installation on the iPhone or Android

Just open the web borwser and browse to IP of the machine running on port 7000, eg:


rhythmweb-touch.zip (240kb)


  1. brewster   Dec/27/2009

    is it possible to access rhythmbox's library? or just the current playlist?

  2. porquero   Feb/10/2010

    I've some problems:

    - Doesn't work with localhost url on iPhone.
    Should be: http://your-machine-name.local:8000 and works.
    - But when I use url with machine name, and press any option (next song, change volume loads a wrong page (twice 8000 port):
    Can you fix it?

    Thanks and congrats!!! Awesome plugin!!!

  3. fábio paiva   Apr/08/2010

    Toda vez que executo um comando pelo iphone ele redireciona pra um endereço incorreto, fica assim :
    repetindo o 8000 causando um erro, sabe o que pode ser???

  4. João   Apr/08/2010

    Como não fui eu que fiz o script em Python, não consegui alterar isso, por isso fiz um simples redirect em php no meu documentRoot para voltar ao meuip:8000

  5. Mario López   May/26/2010

    When I click any option in the Rhythmbox web page it redirects to my local server page. Any solution to stop doing this?

  6. Fernando Cunha   Jun/03/2010

    To fix the wrong port issue, replace line 398 of __init__.py

    authority = '%s:%s' % (authority, port)
    authority = '%s' % (authority)

    Thx for the plugin!

  7. João   Jun/05/2010

    OK, I fixed it. Thanks to Fernando Cunha

  8. JonCamfield   Jul/05/2010

    Great plugin! I'd love to see full WAWI-level playlist/media library access. Without, that is, diving into the insanity that is rhythmote (works great, unless you have a huge music library) http://www.winamp.com/plugin/winamp-web-interface/92511 is the WAWI (for Winamp) plugin homepage, and I can walk you through my local version if you're interested.

  9. Nicholas Hatch   Jul/05/2010

    Having some trouble getting the plug-in to activate. I have downloaded the plug-in and installed it per the instructions. When I try to activate it viat "Edit > Plug-Ins" I get a message stating, "Unable to activate plug-in Rhythmweb."

    I am running Fedora 12 with Rhythmbox 0.12.5. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  10. Dafydd Hughes   Jul/23/2010

    This looks like exactly what I need, but I'm having the same problem as Nicholas Hatch. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the work - I can't wait to try it.

  11. João   Jul/23/2010

    Check if you have Python installed. You may also need to open the 8000 port on your firewall settings...

  12. Patrick Kontschak   Sep/03/2010

    I got the very same problem as Nicholas Hatch and Dafydd Hughes.
    "Unable to activate plug-in Rhythmweb."
    Python is installed, port is open. Something's missing. :/

    Running Ubuntu 10.04 with Rhythmbox 0.12.8

  13. Patrick Kontschak   Sep/06/2010

    Ok, I found the error. I had the rhythmweb-iphone folder in the plugins folder. Not the rhythmweb itself which is inside the rhythmweb-iphone folder.

    Thank you very much for this Webapp. Are there any plans to make this into a real App for the AppStore? :)

  14. David   Oct/03/2010


    Great plugin. I do have one peculiar issue, which through testing seems to indicate an issue with mysetup rather than the app itself.

    After a period of time, say 10 minutes the webpage becomes unavailable from my iphone. Simply "Can not find server". On the local machine with rhythmbox it is still accessible.

    I will only be able to access it from my iphone after I reboot the PC (simply restarting rhythmbox will not do it). Which works well for a further 10 minutes or so.

    Anyone got any ideas? I am not really sure where to start looking :/

  15. Enrique Vereau   Dec/04/2010

    Great Plugin! Thank you to Fernando Cunha also. it put a high power to rhythmbox, I help as a Tango DJ and the plugin I will be able to move anywhere within the site

  16. KeithSPG   Jan/23/2011

    I made the edit on 398 and it seems to work, but after a command (next track, volume, whatever) I get the "Server error". If I kill the page and open it again on the iphone, it will display properly.
    I am a bit confused as there is another rhythmweb plugin with different capabilities. It can see and select from playlists, but does not have volume. If someone knows python could fix,blend these 2 versions (I would prefer this UI on the capabilities of the otehr, more complete playlist selection. The other version is here: https://bitbucket.org/jimcerberus/rhythmweb/overview

  17. samu   Feb/05/2011

    I'm running FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE with rhythmbox 0.12.4. I extracted the plugin to ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins, (also tried /usr/local/lib/rhythmbox/plugins), but rhythmbox can't see the plugin on the list at all. Any help?

  18. João Makray   Feb/07/2011


  19. samu   Feb/07/2011

    In fact, I even managed to restart the whole machine. rhythmbox still doesn't see the module.

  20. Cecilio   Mar/02/2011

    Hi Joao

    I'm able to manage rhythmbox with the plugin from a PC.

    If I try to connect through the iPhone I get the web interface but I'm missing all the icons, so I can't manage rhythmbox.

    Any advice?

  21. Alexandre Rocha   May/21/2011

    Ótimo trabalho !!!
    Justamente o que eu procurava pra não ficar saindo e voltando pra varanda o tempo todo pra trocar o som.

  22. cott   Jul/02/2011

    great plugin!

    All functions work brilliantly well, apart from playlist - it doesn't show any as a default, nor does a search yield any results. Is this not yet implemented, or is there a setup requirement / dependency that is reqd.?

  23. chris   Jul/15/2015

    How do I download onto iphone? thanks.

  24. João   Jul/15/2015

    This is supposed to be downloaded and run in the computer playing Rhythmbox. Then you access the web address in your iphone's browser

  25. jonas   Apr/30/2016

    Não funciona com a versão atual do rhythmbox que vem no ubuntu 16...

    Tentei atualizar o launcher para phython3 e rodar o 2to3 patch mas ainda assim não carrega.

    Alguma chance do projet ser atualizado para suportar a versão atual do rhythm? Preciso muito desta funcionalidade! obrigado!

  26. jonas   Apr/30/2016

    um adendo: há uma nova versão do rhythmweb usando python3/gtk3 para o rhythmbox-3...
    imagino que eu não possa postar links nesta área, mas fica a informação: é mantida no github pelo usuario "fossfreedom" com o mesmo nome de rhythmweb - funcionou aqui, mas é feio de doer, sua versão parece muito melhor, caso possa dê um update!

    De toda forma, parabéns pela iniciativa!