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João Makray is a designer, web developer, photographer, artist and inventor who gives attention to detail and to the integrity and aesthetics of the things he creates, bringing forth his experiences with cultures, materials, perspectives, paths and emotions.

Currently art director and web developer for
(SP, Brazil).

As a photographer he strives to extract the essence of nature through its forms and colors. His patience and creativity is what led him to collect numerous images which are being published in magazines, websites and other materials.


  1. Interface Design at

    Corcoran College of Art + Design
    in Washington DC, EUA.

(2000 – 2004) Bachelor in

Visual Arts with emphasis in Design

(PUC-Campinas, Brazil).

(1997 – 1999) 3 years of studies in

Urbanism and Architecture

(PUC-Campinas, Brazil).

Participated in several art exhibits in Brazil and in the USA.

Considers the experiences acquired in travels important in his formation as an artist and as a human being, which is why he is a member of

The Center of Travelology

Technological Knowledge:

  • Design and informational architecture (graphic design projects);
  • PHP & OO;
  • advanced CSS;
  • Javascript;
  • Animation
  • PhoneGap & Mobile Interfaces

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